Giftapart Inc., a New Jersey corporation, was established in 2017 to develop and innovate a new type of ecommerce gifting experience. We knew that gifting could be better, and made it our mission to revolutionize the process.


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These are just some of the features you'll find in Giftapart.

Gifting simplified

Giftapart is the best place to make your gift lists and registries because gift receivers always get what they want, in the order they want. And your friends can gift to the list easily and quickly. Everyone is happy!

Event planning

Full event planning on Giftapart. Invite your friends, keep track of their status, full social media commenting & media upload, link your gift & wish lists, and easy way for everyone to share event media.

Buy anything

Find millions of products from credible, reliable retailers on Giftapart. Every day we add more partners. Your purchases are direct from the retailer names you already know and trust.


All transactions on Giftapart are secure and handled by a trusted credit card merchant. Your communication is encrypted with the highest 256-bit key available. Look for the lock symbol in your web browser bar.


Giftapart is one of the world's most private social media platforms. That's because we never sell your personal info to anyone. Ever. We don't have to because we generate income from ecommerce.

Product chats

Don't just read reviews, at Giftapart you can chat about a product with anyone. Ask questions to the Giftapart community, tag friends, upload actual product usage pictures, engage with retailers, or talk about whatever you want.

Many of the technologies found in Giftapart are patent-pending.

Gift givers often find themselves in a predictament. They want to give you the best gift possible within their means, but they have no idea what you may want. And, searching for a gift can be a pain in the neck. The countless hours spent hunting for ideas or searching for the best guess item, often leaves the gift giver frustrated. Hence, we all know how many times gifting is defaulted to the emotionless and thoughless gift card.

Gift receivers have a different problem. They often find themselves getting things that they really don't need or, frankly, even want. And even though we all try to be polite and grateful, the fact is that it's hard (or impossible) for people to read our minds and know exactly what we really wish to get.

Giftapart problem solver

Giftapart has solved these problems. Using Giftapart, the gift receiver can post the items that he or she really wants to get. But Giftapart isn't a traditional gift registry. Unlike other gift lists and registries, when you use Giftapart, you get exactly the gift you want in exactly the order that you want. How is this possible?

Make it easy for others so you always get what you want.

Let's say you're about to have a birthday party (you can use Giftapart to plan all your party activites, like inviting guests, keeping track of who's coming, sharing information, allow social conversations, post pictures, and so much more -- but more about this later). For your birthday, you want a camera, a flash, and a tripod. In that order.

Search for the items you want from any of our trusted, legitimate retailers. Giftapart only lists items from the retailer names you know and trust already. There are no third-party, independent sellers on Giftapart.

Once you find precisely the camera you want, select the "Giftapart" button to create your gift. The Giftapart tools guides you through the easy process. And, since it's your gift, you can decorate it just the way you want. Giftapart splits up your camera into equally priced parts that your friends and family can afford. You use the easy price/part slider to chose how much each part will cost. So, a $400 camera, excluding shipping, fees and taxes, could be divided into 40 parts of $10 each part, or 20 parts of $20 each, or 80 parts of $4 each, or any of the many possible combinations.

You add the flash and tripod to your list, and can easily change the order. So if you decide you want the tripod first, slide it up to the top of your list.

When your friends come to your list to contribute, they are only able to contribute to the top item on your list that hasn't been fully funded yet. Therefore, if your order is camera, flash and tripod, at the beginning and until your camera is fully funded, your friends can only buy parts of the camera. Once the camera if fully funded, then they can contribute to the flash, and so forth. This way, you always get exactly what you want, in the exact order you selected.

And you made gifting to you super easy and quick. Your friends get a link to your gift list on Giftapart, and all they have to do is purchase the parts they want, and pay.

Whenever your friends make a contribution, they're invited to leave you a comment. These comments appear next to your gifts, so Giftapart is a great way for you to keep track of all your friends' greetings and save these special memories for years to come.

Giftapart is awesome for setting up a gift list for somebody else too! Office party, college celebration, friend's birthday coming up, whatever the need, use Giftapart to make a gift list for someone else and help them get their dream gift through their family and friends contributions. Making happy together!