NEWS APRIL 12, 2021

Giftapart and Chatapart now on iPad


Giftapart, the innovative social ecommerce and inventor of a radical new gift registry system, and Chatapart, social media that respects free speech, are available on any browser, iPhone, iPod, Android devices, and now iPad.

SOMERVILLE, NJ, April 12, 2021 — Giftapart Inc. has released full-experience iPad versions of both Giftapart and Chatapart.

“Giftapart is a dream maker,” said Filipe Pedroso, founder and CEO of Chatapart, “Whether you’re a teenager dreaming for that game console, or an engaged couple really needing that new refrigerator, Giftapart gives you the tools to get what you really want. You don’t have to wait for that shooting star.”


Giftapart provides the world’s only gift registry where anyone can get what they want, in the order they want, irrespective of price. Pedroso explained, “Let’s say you’re getting married and really need a new $2,300 refrigerator. If you place that on a traditional gift registry, it’s doubtful you’ll get it. But using Giftapart, you can. You place it first on your list, and Giftapart breaks it up into affordable parts. Your friends come to your list, they can only buy into the top item of your list, and purchase the parts they want. Together, they buy you the refrigerator, and then the next item on your list can start being funded.”

“The Giftapart gift-a-part gift registry is really a win-win,” said Pedroso, “First, the gift receiver always gets what they really want. And, second, the gifting process is super easy, fast and fun for the gift giver. The gift giver simply clicks a few parts, and pay. No fumbling through a long list of hundreds of products, no time looking for a gift card, and faster than writing a check. By using Giftapart, you actually make gifting to you so much easier, more connective, and more fulfilling for your gift givers.

“It has been my goal from the beginning to provide a platform that brings happiness to people. So many teenagers dream of getting a gadget that perhaps is just beyond the price point of their parents. Now, using Giftapart, they can use Giftapart so that all their relatives and friends can contribute what they can and together make a dream come true. Or perhaps mom really needs a new dishwasher. Using Giftapart, all the siblings can chip in and have mom’s friends help out too. It’s all about people getting what they really want and need, and making it easy, fast and fun too.

“And it’s awesome for setting up gifts for your friends. Your best friend’s birthday is coming up, and you know she really wants a smartwatch. You use Giftapart to break up the watch into affordable parts, share the link to all your friend’s friends, they each contribute $20, and the smartwatch is delivered to your friend. You just helped make your friend’s birthday super special and happy, and made it incredibly easy for the friends to gift to their friend. Everyone is happy!”

Giftapart is also an innovator in social ecommerce. Providing over 50,000,000 products from hundreds of America’s most well-known and trusted stores, Giftapart is already one of the largest marketplaces. Pedroso added: “People connecting with people is the bedrock of the Giftapart experience. Whether it's in gifting, shopping and event planning, everything on Giftapart is about social interactions between people. Every product has a social feed instead of oneway reviews. The built-in event organizer provides a social feed to share media and stories. The gifting is very social too. Gift givers can leave a comment or upload media that’s linked to the parts they buy, and the gifting has a dedicated social feed.”

Link: Learn more about Giftapart’s gift registry

Learn more why Giftapart is the best gift registry in the world in this 8 page pdf document 👉


This year, Giftapart also launched Chatapart, an international platform focused on free speech social media. “One user account works for both Giftapart and Chatapart. If you make a post on Giftapart, it shows up on Chatapart, and vice-versa,” stated Pedroso.

Event organizer

“Both Giftapart and Chatapart include our beautiful, amazing event organizer and calendar.”

“The Giftapart and Chatapart event organizer is gorgeous and packed with features. Whether it’s a simple get together, or a wedding, you can use the Giftapart and Chatapart event planner to create the invitation notice, design an event homepage, invite your guests using built-in email or text messages, the guests can easily RSVP back with a simple click, see who’s coming, have an event DM group, share stories and media in the event’s dedicated social feed, and so much more. It’s truly the best online event planner and organizer ever,” said Pedroso.

“Imagine this. You’re invited to someone’s party. You click the party link, see the event info, and quickly RSVP by clicking “yes”. You then see the gift registry info, and click a few parts to buy. You look at the event feed, and post, ‘Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to seeing you. Here’s a pic I took of us at last year’s party,’ and upload the picture to the feed. You see the event DM and send the host a message, ‘Anything I should bring?’ You did all this in two minutes. You were informed, RSVP’d, gifted the host, shared a memory, and connected with the host. It’s a powerful, stunning and fun event planner.”

Giftapart vs Chatapart

Both Giftapart and Chatapart include the same social media, event organizer and calendar features. Chatapart is available internationally, while Giftapart is currently only available in the United States and Canada. Giftapart also adds additional features not available on Chatapart such as the shopping, gift registry setup, and deal finder.

Added Pedroso, “Both Chatapart and Giftapart have all the awesome features you’ve come to expect from social media, plus so much more. You can make posts, share media, create and follow groups, link with friends, setup group followers, store pictures in full resolution, organize your pictures into albums, comment on posts, edit pictures with stickers, boarders, filters, and so much more. But with the event organizer, deal finder, social shopping, gift registry and calendar, our ecosystem of services built into one platform is a unique social media experience.”

“Chatapart and Giftapart user accounts are cross-compatible with each other,” said Pedroso, “A user can log in to Chatapart and Giftapart using the same credentials, and if they make a social post on either platform, the same post shows up on both.  Giftapart is an innovator in social ecommerce and has reinvented the gift registry experience. Although Giftapart is available only the United States and Canada, Chatapart is accessible around the world. Users with Chatapart can easily contribute towards the Giftapart gift lists, so that’s really cool for Giftapart users setting up their gift registries. Now, friends and family around the world can contribute to the Giftapart users’ gift lists, making Giftapart even better.”

Social shopping and deal finder are currently only available in the United States and Canada. Giftapart and Chatapart will be rolling out these features in other countries over the year.

Link: Learn more about Chatapart

Learn more why Chatapart is awesome social media and more in this 10 page pdf document 👉

Political Free Speech

“We are happy to provide people a forum to have an open, honest dialogue without fear of censorship, getting blocked, or having their account suspended simply because of their political opinion. We don’t get involved in politics,” added Pedroso, “Freedom of political speech is the bedrock of American democracy and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican. Chatapart has provided an environment free of censors  to encourage an open dialogue of ideas.

“Freedom of speech on the social feeds does not mean it’s a free-for-all, no rules environment. We do not allow hate speech, pornographic content, harassment of other users, nor any posts that are meant to entice violence. But Chatapart does not block the user posts based on fact-checking or political ideology. If you want to post an opinion on a political candidate, or if you think that oranges are better than apples, Chatapart won’t censor, delete, or mark your comment.”

Secure and Independent

Giftapart and Chatapart maintain full control of its users’ data. “We host the platform on our own servers. We don’t use any cloud services. This is a benefit to the user in at least two ways. First, Giftapart Inc. maintains better control over our users’ data, privacy and security. Second, we are not in jeopardy of being shut-down by the Big Tech companies that suddenly and dramatically turned off Parler. No one company can shut down Giftapart or Chatapart. We don’t rely on any third-party company for essential services, and so our users can be assured that their posts, data and life memories are as safe as can be.”

Cross-sharing posts

“Make a post on the social feed, upload pictures, video, and say whatever you want,” Pedroso explained, “Then, use the ‘share’ button to easily and quickly share it on your Facebook, Twitter and more. You only need to write out one post, or upload the media one time. When you cross-share your Giftapart or Chatapart post to other social media sites, a media and text preview is created to highlight to your followers what the post is about. They click on the link and see your full Giftapart or Chatapart post.”

“This feature makes posting to all your friends or audiences across different social medias much easier,” added Pedroso, “We believe that all social media companies have a benefit to their users, and so we wanted to make it easier to share the love and friendship amongst everyone, irrespective of what platform your friends’ prefer.”

Easy and beautiful

“Chatapart’s social media is easy and clean to use,” said Pedroso, “We have placed a lot of emphasis on making it both easy and beautiful. The big social media platforms have so many buttons and a complex navigation structure. At Chatapart, we wanted to go back to the simplicity and basics of human interaction, and create a platform that you didn’t have to have a Ph.D. in computer science to operate. Simplicity and elegance at its core. Your experience isn’t overwhelmed with unnecessary buttons. We think most people will be able to use Chatapart right away and make their first post or share a family picture within seconds of getting started. The Chatapart team is continuing to make visual improvements, performance enhancements, and increased simplicity to make Chatapart even better.”


“A built-in calendar to see all your friends’ events, store specials, and more, is inside Chatapart,” said Pedroso, “With the calendar you can quickly see all your planned events, but it also links your friends’ birthdays and events that you were invited too. And if a group you’re following is having a special event, you’ll see that in your calendar as well.”

Giftapart is available on any browser at as well as both Apple App and Google Play stores.

Chatapart is available on any browser at as well as both Apple App and Google Play stores.

General information about Giftapart can be found at

About Giftapart Inc.

Giftapart® Inc., owner and operator of both Giftapart and Chatapart™, is an innovator in social ecommerce through the development of a new social shopping marketplace revolutionizing gifting and innovating ecommerce. Giftapart was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey. The company’s software systems and methods have resulted in the filing of numerous International patents. Giftapart currently provides over 50,000,000 products from hundreds of known and trusted retailers, and is available on any browser, Apple App store, and Google Play store in the United States and Canada. Chatapart is a social media platform with an event planner, social shopping, gift registry, calendar, and more. Giftapart and Chatapart are led by award-winning attorney and 3-time elected Councilman Filipe Pedroso, Esq., Founder, CEO and Board Member, as well as its other Board members: Liana Pedroso (a public relations and corporate communications expert with international experience and Master’s Degrees in the field from both Bashkir and New York University); Jeffrey Vanderbeek (prior owner and Chairman of the NJ Devils NHL franchise and The Prudential Center; and former Managing Partner responsible for Capital Markets at Lehman Bros.); and Henrique Pedroso (a serial entrepreneur and law school graduate, grew and led his businesses with hundreds of employees from the ground-up into successful ventures).

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Company webpages:

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For additional information contact:

Liana V. Pedroso, Chief Administrative Officer, Dir., Corp. Communications & Public Relations, Giftapart Inc., 892 US 22, 2nd Floor, Somerville, NJ 08876

(551) 202-8008 Extension 4077

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