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NOTE: This program expired on May 29, 2020. But Giftapart continues doing its part to help the retail industry during the COVID-19 apocalypse. If you're a retailer suffering financial hardship, please reach out to us to learn more about how Giftapart can help. Email

Giftapart offers free listings to retailers to assist during COVID-19 pandemic



To help retailers deal with the economic difficulties due to COVID-19 shutdowns, retailers may ask to list their products for free on Giftapart, the social ecommerce supermall providing social, ecommerce, event planning, calendar, and more.

SOMERVILLE, NJ, April 29, 2020 — Giftapart, the world’s first social ecommerce supermall, is accepting retailers on its marketplace platform for no fee and no commissions to assist retailers during these unprecedented COVID-19 times.

“Qualifying retailers that would like to list their products on the Giftapart marketplace can do so for free until December 31st,” said Filipe Pedroso, founder and CEO of Giftapart, “We list a wide variety of products from hundreds of stores, with the exception of items that violate our policies. Giftapart does not allow the listing of alcoholic beverages, firearms, tobacco items, pornographic products, and other items which we feel are not suited for our family-friendly brand.”

Giftapart has invented a unique gift registry system that includes a propriety gift-part gifting method; using this system, gift recipients can actually get gifts in the precise order they want irrespective of the price of the items. 

As described by Ben Crossman of Computer America: ”Only on Giftapart can you get the gifts you want, in the order you want. Using Giftapart’s patent-pending system of crowdfunding, gift contributors simply purchase as many parts as they want. No need to fumble through pages and pages of items. And that means gift receivers always get first what they want the most. It’s genius and so easy to use.”

Giftapart currently has over 25,000,000 products from hundreds of America’s most trusted and well-known stores. Retailers often pay a referral fee for sales generated from the Giftapart’s platform. “The fee waiver is Giftapart’s way of doing its part by providing a COVID-19 retail assistance program to help retailers have another tool and means to reach more consumers and generate additional sales,” said Pedroso.

Retailers can apply until May 29, 2020 at

“These are very difficult times for retailers of all sizes,” added Pedroso, founder and CEO of Giftapart, “The retail industry is vitally important to the United States economy, contributing almost 6% to GDP by itself. Plus, when you add retails’ impact on property leasing, the wholesale market, and many other services in various sectors that retail stores hire, the retail sector’s overall benefit to the US economy is much higher. Right now, retail is experiencing unprecedented financial challenges. The shutdown of the economy is hitting this sector particularly hard, as retail depends on physical store sales for the majority of its business. Many retail establishments are not yet optimized for ecommerce. That’s where Giftapart can help. Giftapart provides a marketplace exclusively for retailers. We don’t allow third-party sellers to list any product on our platform. That makes Giftapart the fairest place for retailers to sell their products.”

Retailers can easily include their product inventory on Giftapart. “So long as the retailer is already maintaining control of their live inventory in an electronic data format, it is likely that Giftapart can implement their products,” stated Pedroso, “The retailer maintains their brand-identity on Giftapart. All products are listed with their store name prominently displayed.”

“We are all in this together. Our retailer family is struggling. From the onset, Giftapart was founded on the principle that we could make the world a better place through our unique gifting system. Bringing happiness to others is in our DNA. Giftapart has a platform that may provide some assistance in this time of need, so we are happy to be giving access to the Giftapart social ecommerce marketplace to our retailer friends,” said Pedroso.

This retailer COVID-19 assistance program is just one way that Giftapart is finding ways to help the community during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Giftapart has also provided free Giftapart+ to seniors 60 and over as well as to the people working in healthcare.

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About Giftapart

Giftapart Inc. has developed an innovative the world’s first social ecommerce marketplace and revolutionized gifting by creating a system where the user controls the order they get their gifts. The company was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey. The company’s software systems and methods have resulted in the filing of numerous patents. Giftapart is led by award-winning attorney and 3-time elected Councilman Filipe Pedroso, Esq., Founder, CEO and Board Member, as well as its other Board members: Liana Pedroso (a public relations and corporate communications expert with international experience and Master’s Degrees in the field from both Bashkir and New York University); Jeffrey Vanderbeek (prior owner and Chairman of the NJ Devils NHL franchise and The Prudential Center; and former Managing Partner responsible for Capital Markets at Lehman Bros.); and Henrique Pedroso (a serial entrepreneur and law school graduate, grew and led his businesses with hundreds of employees from the ground-up into successful ventures).

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