Giftapart hosted the Giftapart CES $2020 Grand Giveaways


CAPTION: Giftapart Surprise Gift Giveaway winner Masoud Farrokhi of Woodland Hills, California, opening the surprise gift live at CES.


There were six winners selected live on the show floor.

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 13, 2020 — Giftapart, the world’s first gift registry system that lets people chose the precise order they get their gifts and the world’s first social ecommerce supermall, hosted the Giftapart CES $2020 Grand Giveaways at CES on Friday, January 10, 2020. There were six winners announced live at the event on Friday, and there will be another 145 winners announced during the week.

The event, held at Giftapart’s exhibit booth at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in the startup pavilion Eureka Park, was widely attended by CES guests.

At 11:15 AM, Filipe Pedroso, Giftapart’s founder and CEO, started the Grand Giveaway event. Filipe Pedroso asked all attending to please make sure that they had completed the Giftapart account verification process to qualify to win. “It’d be a shame not to win on a technicality,” said Filipe Pedroso.

The event kicked off with a computer screen flashing five alpha-numerical hex numbers in a random sequence. After a few seconds, the winning number was displayed, and Filipe Pedroso asked the crowd to check if they had the winning $2,020 Grand Giveaway number. No one came forward, so Filipe Pedroso said the event would proceed to the Surprise Gift Giveaway and he’d come back to check for a Grand Giveaway winner.

To the side of the Giftapart display booth was the Surprise Gift Giveaway present: A one-foot square box, wrapped in gold-colored wrapping paper with a thick red ribbon. Filipe Pedroso and the Giftapart team distributed raffle tickets to the audience members. A raffle drawing was held, and a number picked out of the box.

Masoud Farrokhi of Woodland Hills, California (Ronik Co. Inc.) was the lucky winner of the Surprise Gift Giveaway. “We spent a lot of time thinking what to gift Mr. Masoud. I don’t really know Mr. Masoud so we had to guess what he liked,” said Filipe Pedroso as Farrokhi was opening the gift. Farrokhi unwrapped the gift and opened the box, only to find that his gift was a pen. Filipe Pedroso continued, “Now, we had guess what Mr. Masoud likes because Mr. Masoud did not use Giftapart. The thing is, if Mr. Masoud had used Giftapart we would have known exactly what he wanted and he would have gotten exactly what he wanted. It would have been easy right. But unfortunately we didn’t know what you liked Mr. Masoud so we got you a beautiful Giftapart pen. We hope you enjoy it. Next time you can use Giftapart, we’ll know what you want, so we’ll be able to contribute to you gift so you get exactly what you want.”

Filipe Pedroso then announced that the pen gift was “really a joke,” and presented Farrokhi with a $250 Giftapart credit certificate for him to use on any of Giftapart’s 200 stores selling over 25,000,000 products.

A call out was made again for the Grand Giveaway winner. Filipe Pedroso once more read the Grand Giveaway winning number from the computer screen that displayed it on the Giftapart booth. There was no winner amongst the attendees.

Filipe Pedroso then announced that since there was no Grand Giveaway winner, “Giftapart will giveaway $1,000 to five different people, so you’ll have a chance to win $200 each by raffle. Only thing, you’ll have to have a [Giftapart Giveaway] sticker to qualify for the raffle.”

The initial $200 Giftapart gift card winner was drawn by raffle, and there was a shout “Yes!” from the audience. Ryan Meffert from San Luis Obispo, California(Neocharge), won the first $200 Giftapart gift card.

The second $200 Giftapart gift card winner was Miah DeBus from Phoenix, Arizona (Feedme), the exhibitor next to Giftapart. DeBus appeared wearing a promotional banner for Feedme. She pumped her arms up in the air in excitement. “This is really cool,” said Filipe Pedroso, as he presented her the giveaway. “This is a real gift card for Giftapart. You can find any of our 25 million products.”

The third $200 Giftapart gift card winner was Spencer Harrison of San Luis Obispo, California (Neocharge). Pedroso initially told Harrison, “We’re going to give you $10 of Giftapart credit,” then quickly saying that he was joking, as they both laughed. Harrison was presented the $200 gift card.

The forth $200 Giftapart gift card winner was Brandon Frame from Columbia, South Carolina (Sapphire Studio).

Filipe Pedroso called out the fifth winning raffle ticket of the $200 Giftapart gift card. Tina Dubow from Las Vegas, Nevada (Bemer Group) was the winner.

Filipe Pedroso then concluded the event, “That’s all we have, thank you all very much. Check out Giftapart available on any app store or on You can still get what you want by going to and setting up your own gift and your friends can contribute for it.”

This week, Giftapart will announce the 145 winners of giveaways with a total value of $2,020. There will be 1 winner of $200, 2 winners of $100, 20 winners of $20 and 122 winners of $10. Anyone who created and verified a new Giftapart account between January 7-10 qualifies. Attending CES was not required.

"Hosting the Giftapart CES $2020 Grand Giveaways was a lot of fun and we're thrilled to have presented gift cards to six different people so they can get themselves something nice," said Filipe Pedroso, "With 200 stores and 25 million products, I'm sure anyone can find what they need and want."

"We had a great CES. It was our first time exhibiting at CES, and we're thrilled with the interest we've received from attendees and the tremendous positive feedback we've received about Giftapart," added Filipe Pedroso, "Plus, having been one of only 200 companies selected to be on the official CES podcast was a nice honor. When you see all the awesome ideas and projects that are present at the CES from thousands of exhibitors, and we were one of the top 200 selected for the podcast, it's nice to know that others understand just how innovative Giftapart truly is."

“Giftapart is the world’s first gift registry where the user can actually get the items they want in the order they select,” said Filipe Pedroso, “Let me explain. Let’s say you’re getting married, and you’re making a gift registry. You pick many items you may need from various stores and place them in a list. Traditionally, and before Giftapart, the gift givers would have to go through a list and pick items, likely by price, to gift to you. So you get a lot of stuff costing in the range of $100 to $200. But, you really wanted that big screen TV on the list costing $1,000. And needed that refrigerator that cost $1,200. Your rich cousin was upset and blew-off the wedding. So now you have lots of plates and bed sheets, but not what you really wanted and needed. Had you used Giftapart, you could have prioritized your list and received items in that precise order. So you put the TV first, and the refrigerator second, and the other stuff in order too. Giftapart breaks up the TV into affordable parts for everyone to chip in. Your guests simply click on the number of parts they want to buy. You get the TV first. Then, the next item shows up, and the process continues. You get the stuff you really wanted and needed. Your guests are happy too, because they didn’t need to stumble through a huge gift list and spend time thinking about what to buy; and they’re happy to contribute to what you really want.”

Liana Pedroso, co-founder and CAO, added, “The whole process is super social too. Gifting is an international norm, with deep roots of social connectivity. Giftapart has that too. When someone contributes by buying the parts, they can then leave a heartwarming comment that is linked specifically to these parts. It’s not just about paying for the gift, but about socially participating in the expressive bonding activity of gift-giving. These comments are available in a social feed linked to the gift, and every part and its related comment are cross-linked.”

“Giftapart is also the world’s first social ecommerce marketplace. Giftapart is the first company to directly link social with individual products,” stated Filipe Pedroso, “The idea here is that users can engage others to have real meaningful conversations about the product they’re looking at. Instead of relying on oneway reviews like other ecommerce stores, at Giftapart our users can have conversations. They can chat with other prior shoppers, with current onlookers, and even with retailers. This engaging shopping experience is unique to Giftapart.”

“But that’s not all,” Liana Pedroso continued, “Giftapart is also the first ecommerce marketplace to combine event planning and a user calendar. Giftapart has full event planning so you can invite your guests, they can easily RSVP, and our event planning is super social. Guests and hosts can use the social feed to plan, share stories, chat about the party, and upload all their event media into one place. Of course, you can link that wedding registry list you made right to your event for easy finding and gifting. The calendar is fun too. It automatically links all your friends’ events and gifting activity in one place, and it’s really great for retailers’ to share their promos.”

Kevyn Jaremko, Director of Software Development at Giftapart said, “Many of the technologies in Giftapart are patent-pending. There is no ecommerce marketplace like it anywhere in the world. Our gifting method and social ecommerce are innovative, and even the method that we’ve redesigned ecommerce is completely different from any other company.”

“And by the way,” added Filipe Pedroso, “The Giftapart gift-part system can be used in so many different occasions. A teenager having a birthday party will find Giftapart just as useful as a wedding registry. Teenagers often get $20 gift cards from their friends, but what they really want is the cell phone, tablet, or newest ear-pods. Giftapart makes it easy for them to get it. And Giftapart is great for group gifting like office birthday parties. Anyone can make a gift list for anyone else.”

Giftapart is available on any browser at as well as on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Links available at

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About Giftapart

Giftapart Inc. has developed an innovative the world’s first social ecommerce marketplace and revolutionized gifting by creating a system where the user controls the order they get their gifts. The company was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Somerville, New Jersey. The company’s software systems and methods have resulted in the filing of numerous patents. Giftapart is led by award-winning attorney and 3-time elected Councilman Filipe Pedroso, Esq., Founder, CEO and Board Member, as well as its other Board members: Liana Pedroso (a public relations and corporate communications expert with international experience and Master’s Degrees in the field from both Bashkir and New York University); Jeffrey Vanderbeek (prior owner and Chairman of the NJ Devils NHL franchise and The Prudential Center; and former Managing Partner responsible for Capital Markets at Lehman Bros.); and Henrique Pedroso (a serial entrepreneur and law school graduate, grew and led his businesses with hundreds of employees from the ground-up into successful ventures).

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Liana V. Pedroso, Chief Administrative Officer, Dir., Corp. Communications & Public Relations, Giftapart Inc., 892 US 22, 2nd Floor, Somerville, NJ 08876

(551) 202-8008 Extension 4077

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CAPTION: Filipe Pedroso, founder & CEO of Giftapart, addresses the crowd during the Giftapart CES $2020 Grand Giveaways. Giftapart team members Liana Pedroso (red dress), Kevyn Jaremko (peach shirt, next to Liana), and Filipe Pedroso (black suit, center).

CAPTION: Left to right: Liana Pedroso, co-founder & CAO of Giftapart; Filipe Pedroso, CEO; and Kevyn Jaremko, Dir. of Software Development; hand out raffle tickets to the crowd at the Giftapart CES $2020 Grand Giveaways.

TOP 4 PICTURES: Giftapart Surprise Gift Giveaway winner Masoud Farrokhi of Woodland Hills, California, opening the surprise gift live at CES. Picture 1: Looking at unwrapped gift. Picture 2: Opening up bag that was inside the gift box. Picture 3: Looking at the pen that was the gift inside the bag/box. Picture 4: Receiving his $250 Giftapart gift card giveaway.

CAPTION: Ryan Meffert from San Luis Obispo, California (Neocharge) (center), winner of the first $200 Giftapart gift card, shakes the hand of Filipe Pedroso, founder & CEO of Giftapart, while Kevyn Jaremko, Dir. Software Development at Giftapart (peach shirt, right), looks on.

CAPTION: The second $200 Giftapart gift card winner was Miah DeBus from Phoenix, Arizona (Feedme), the exhibitor next to Giftapart. DeBus appeared wearing a promotional banner for Feedme. Picture 1: Left, Liana Pedroso, co-founder & CAO of Giftapart, smiles with Filipe Pedroso, CEO, center, as DeBus (wearing the Feedme promotional body display, comes forward to receive her giveaway. Picture 2: Filipe Pedroso and Miah DeBus pause for a picture when DeBus received her giveaway.

CAPTION: The third $200 Giftapart gift card winner was Spencer Harrison of San Luis Obispo, California (Neocharge). Top picture: Harrison shows his excitement by clapping his hands. Center picture: Harrison and Pedroso share a laugh when Pedroso jokes that Harrison only won $10 Giftapart credit. Bottom picture: Harrison receiving his $200 Giftapart gift card giveaway from Pedroso and shaking hands.

CAPTION: The forth $200 Giftapart gift card winner was Brandon Frame from Columbia, South Carolina (Sapphire Studio). Left to right: Liana Pedroso (red dress), co-founder & CAO of Giftapart, Frame, Filipe Pedroso, CEO of Giftapart, and Kevyn Jaremko (peach shirt), Director of Software Development at Giftapart.

CAPTION: Filipe Pedroso congratulates the fifth winning raffle ticket of the $200 Giftapart gift card, Tina Dubow from Las Vegas, Nevada (Bemer Group), while Kevyn Jaremko (peach shirt) stands to right.

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