Gifting, simplified.

Watch this 2 minute video to get the highlights. See how Giftapart allows you to always get exactly what you want, and simplifies gifting to you by your friends into an easy and quick process.

Your friends will thank you for it.

When you use Giftapart, your friends will save a huge amount of time and find it super easy to gift to you. Easy & fast. You'll make your friends very happy.

Instructional videos

Giftapart is so darn easy to use, these videos are super short.

Gift set up

Setting up a gift list or gift registry is so easy, we can show it to you in less than 20 seconds!

Contributing to a gift

Contributing to your gift list or gift registry on Giftapart is so easy and fast, it can be done in 10 seconds! Your friends will thank you for using Giftapart when the time comes to give you a gift because you will save them so much time and effort.

Coming soon

More short videos on product highlights.

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