Giftapart wants to help you get your dream gift.

Giftapart is a dream maker. Using Giftapart, countless individuals have been able to get a typically unaffordable thing that they have been dreaming of having. Giftapart breaks up items into affordable parts, so the unaffordable becomes affordable together.

The Giftapart founder was motivated to create this company so that everyone could have what they really dreamed, no matter their financial situation. Filipe Pedroso, our founder and CEO, grew up in a low-income household and his parents struggled to provide for the children's needs. Filipe would fantasize about having a cool bicycle, a Nintendo gaming console, and a Macintosh computer.  He knows what it's like to hope and dream about something you really want, but your family simply can't afford it.

Giftapart wants to help you get your dream regardless of the price. Check to see if you qualify.

We are looking to assist individuals between 13 and 23 years of age. If you reside in a low-income neighborhood, there is no maximum limitation on the cost of your gift. For everyone else, we ask that you keep your participating gift under $500. You simply find that thing you've been dreaming about having on Giftapart, set it up as a gift to yourself using our gift-a-part system, follow the rules, and, if selected, Giftapart will help find others (and Giftapart) to contribute together for your gift. See rules for details.

Giftapart wants your dream to come true.

"I remember wishing so much for a Macintosh computer, but our family couldn't afford it. My hope is that now with Giftapart, anyone can get what they dream about no matter the cost."

Filipe Pedroso, Esq.

Founder & CEO

To qualify, follow these steps:

Full rules are available at the end of this page.


You must be at least 13 years old and no more than 23 years old on the day you setup your gift. In other words, you must be 13 to 23 years old.

Low-income area

If your dream gift item costs more than $500, you must live in and your gift must ship to an area that has been designated as "low-income" by the SBA (targeted EIDL). Check here if your address qualifies:

Check map »

Create a gift

Find your dream gift on the Giftapart marketplace with 50,000,000 products from hundreds of America's most know and trusted stores. You must setup a gift for yourself using Giftapart.

Watch how-to video »

Share your gift

Share your gift to at least 5 people using the SHARE button, and SHARE to the Admin. See how-to video below.

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Submit form

We need to know you're looking to enroll in this Dream Gift Come True program, so please complete the Google form in this link:

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Although gift-a-part gifting is available to anyone, your selection into this Dream Gift Come True program means that Giftapart will actively assist you in funding your dream gift.

Giftapart will (1) display your dream gift in a specially designed page for this program; (2) solicit contributions from the public towards your gift; and (3) contribute to selective gifts.

See full rules below.

How to create a gift

Setting up a gift for yourself is easy peazy.

Simply search for the product you want.

At the bottom of every product, select the Giftapart logo to place the item in a gift-a-part gift list.

It's really that easy.

Decorate it.

Customize the look of the gift with a gift wrap and a bow.

And every gift list gets a header image. Use one provided or upload your own.


Every gift has a "share" button.

On mobile, you'll need to click the "Feed" button to get to the social feed page to see the "share" button.

Share with 5 others

When you click "share," you'll have several easy options.

Click the link button on the right and Giftapart automatically copies the link to the gift in your clipboard.

Then you can easily paste it to your email, text messages, or anywhere.

Click the Giftapart icon to share to your social feed, other Giftapart users and groups, and to the Admin.

Share with the Admin

Click the Giftapart icon.

Type in "Admin" in the search field.

Select "The Admin".

Type in a personal message in "Say something..." to encourage others to contribute.

Click "Post" to share.

Tutorial video

How-to search for your dream gift item, create a gift-a-part gift, and share with others and the Admin.

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Click PLAY to start

Learn about the benefits of using Giftapart. Watch this video.

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Others have tried Giftapart.
And loved it.
We hope you do too!

Only on Giftapart can you get the gifts you want, in the order you want. *** It’s genius and so easy to use.

Ben Crossman


Giftapart takes the stress out of group gift giving.


While buying a group gift is usually painful and frustrating, Giftapart makes the process easy for everyone involved.

Marlo Anderson


The Rules

Thank you for your interest in Giftapart's Dream Gift Come True program.

Giftapart will select the participants for this event. A "participant" is an individual who has a Giftapart user account, followed these rules, and submitted a complete participating form. Failure to follow these rules removes you from contention of participation. Giftapart has sole discretion to include or exclude you from participating in this program. Participants must provide a message in the "Note to the gift givers" when setting up the gift-a-part gift. Qualifying participants will be selected as finalists based upon the quality, content, legitimacy, and context of the message provided.

Participant must be of age between and including 13 and 23. If you reside in a low-income area as designated by the SBA targeted EIDL Advance Low-Income Communities ("LIC") there is no maximum price limitation on the item; however, if you do not reside in a LIC and your item will not ship to an address within a LIC, then your item's maximum price should not exceed $500. Giftapart will use the SBA map located at to determine residence and shipping address eligibility that complies with this program. The shipping address must be the participant's primary residential address.

Participant must find the item they want within the Giftapart marketplace, and then establish a gift-a-part gift for themselves. The participant must then share with at least five (5) other individuals the link to the gift-a-part gift created for this program. The participant must also share with the Giftapart Admin on the Giftapart platform, user tag ID @Admin, the gift-a-part gift, using the Giftapart platform.

Once the previous requirements have been completed, the participant needs to complete and submit the Google form located at

Giftapart will make a determination whether the individual has met the requirement and judging the submission as a finalist. Giftapart has sole rights and discretion to make this determination. In making the submission to Giftapart to participate in this program, the participant waives and gives up any right to any potential claim of legal review, in a court, arbitration, or otherwise, against Giftapart for Giftapart's determination whether participant has met the requirements and whether participant is one of the final participants.

In general, but subject to Giftapart's determination, final participants will be determined on the story (note to gift givers) provided with the gift-a-part gift, the item(s) selected, the seriousness of the request, the LIC verification, and other factors.

Giftapart may announce the finalists on a rolling basis or all together.

Giftapart will then promote the finalists' gifts in a manner determined by Giftapart. Giftapart may, but is not required to, advertise this program to solicit contributions from the public and others. Advertising may include any medium that exists for advertising, including but not limited to, social media, video forums, radio, TV, print media, and others.

You (and your parent/guardian if you are under 18) will be required to, and do, authorize Giftapart to use your name, profile image, gift information, and any other information provided in your gift url including gift identification, social feeds, and more. You (and your parent/guardian if you are under 18) will be required to agree to the Media Release provided in the form.

If your gift is fully funded, it may be delivered by any courier or agent of Giftapart, to your residential shipping address. If it is determined that you did not qualify with the rules, at Giftapart's sole discretion, you agree to forfeit the gift. You (and your parent/guardian if you are under 18) allow Giftapart and its agent(s) to audio and/or video record, and publish same, the delivery and receipt of your gift.

You authorize for Giftapart to use your image (photographs and/or video) by Giftapart in any manner and use as selected by Giftapart. You waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs or electric matter that may be used in conjunction with them now or in the future, whether that use is known to you or unknown, and you waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the image.

If you have not reached the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian will have to authorize your participation in this program and execute the media release on your behalf. One of these options shall apply: (a) If you are 18 or over: You represent that you are competent to contract in your own name. You acknowledge that you have read these rules and media release before signing, and fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of these rules and media release. You understand that you are free to address any specific questions regarding these terms and release by submitting those questions in writing to email prior to agreeing, and you agree that your failure to do so will be interpreted as a free and knowledgeable acceptance of these terms and release. (b) If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian will have to acknowledge and accept: I/we are the parent or legal guardian, and I have read these terms and release before accepting. I fully understand the contents, meaning and impact of these terms and release. I understanding that I am free to address any specific questions regarding these terms and release by submitting those questions in writing to email prior to agreeing, and I agree that my failure to do so will be interpreted as a free and knowledgeable acceptance of these terms and release

Gift-a-part gifts are setup and funded in accordance with Terms of Services. Giftapart credit If you are selected into the program, there is no guarantee that your gift will be fully funded and delivered. Giftapart may terminate this program at any time without providing advanced notice. Hurry – don't wait, start setting up your dream gift today!

This is a LIMITED TIME offer. Giftapart has not determined the date of expiration, but reserves the right to cancel this program at any time. These rules may be updated from time to time. By participating, you agree to accept the rule changes as Giftapart is under no obligation to do anything.

Still have questions, reach out to Giftapart support at Good luck!