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Only on Giftapart can you get the gifts you want, in the order you want. *** It’s genius and so easy to use.

Ben Crossman


Giftapart takes the stress out of group gift giving.


While buying a group gift is usually painful and frustrating, Giftapart makes the process easy for everyone involved.

Marlo Anderson


Revolutionary gift registry.




Best event planner.

Easy, fast, fun & unique! Only stores you trust. Encrypted & secure.

Shop from millions of products sold by the stores you know and trust. Giftapart does not sell products from third-party sellers, alleviating the worry of getting counterfeit goods from unknown sources. As the world's first online supermall, you can search for products from hundreds of retailers, compare items side-by-side, and shop from the stores and brands found in most physical malls. Returns are easily made back to original retailer based on their return policies.

Giftapart's unique gift registry provides you the tools you need to get the gifts you truly want. For the first time in the world, you can select and get the gifts in the order you picked. Chose items from hundreds of retailers, mix and match from various stores, and organize the list in your order of preference. The Giftapart system breaks the gift into affordable parts, so no matter how much it costs, you get what you want first. Your gift givers easily and quickly contribute to your list by buying the number of parts they can afford. You make gifting to you effortlessly, saving your gift givers the hassle of searching from pages and pages of stuff.

Gifting is social and so is Giftapart. Once your gift givers buy their parts, they can easily add a comment, greeting and media. Gift givers feel connected because they own the parts they gave, and their social comments and media are forever linked to those parts. Gift givers can share special notes, celebratory messages, and pictures linked to your celebration.


• Millions of products sold by the stores you know and trust, such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and hundreds more.
• No third-party sellers — so you don’t have to worry about getting counterfeit goods.
• Quickly search for products from hundreds of retailers, compare items side-by-side.
• Advance search options allow you to filter by price, “must contain” terms, “exclude” terms, retailers, and other parameters.
• Returns are made to the original retailer that sells the item.
• Scan UPC barcodes to find and compare items in various retailers.
• Search for products by retailer, or search all retailers.
• Get Cashback Rewards for most products, up to 10%. Convert Cashback Rewards to Giftapart credit to buy from anything on Giftapart (no exclusions!).
• World’s first truly social ecommerce experience with social feeds intermixed with shopping; see friends’ and retailers’ social posts while you browse products on the homepage; catch up with what’s new and hot from your favorite retailers that you follow.
• Like and dislike products. If you like a product on the homepage, Giftapart shows you more similar products to help you see and find what you want. If you dislike it, you help Giftapart know how to improve your homepage shopping experience. You can see the list of previously liked products and remove products from this list.
• Easily and quickly add items to wish lists, gift lists, shopping cart or “like” lists.
• Engage and have a conversation with others about a product, learn about the item from other Giftapart users, share stories, media, and more.
• Keep all your loyalty store cards in one place by entering them on Giftapart. Scan the barcode from your loyalty cards for easy entry, or enter manually. Quickly access your loyalty card at the store and a barcode is generated for quick scanning by the store clerk.
• Share products you find on Giftapart with others, and add your comments if you wish, using Giftapart social or to other social media platforms.
• One shopping cart for multiple retailers so checkout is easy, fast and secure. Select shipping options from all the retailers right in the shopping cart and see how price is impacted all in one shopping cart experience.

Gift registry

• Use Giftapart’s revolutionary, patent-pending gift registry system for one or more items you want to get. Use it for yourself or setup a gift list for a friend.
• Unique fun, fast and easy crowdfunding breaks up the gift into affordable parts so everyone can easily chip-in to the gifts.
• Decorate your gift items with beautiful bows and gift wrap options to make your gift extra special and reflective of your personality.
• Place the items you really want first, and get the gifts in the order you select (a world-first).
• Mix items from various retailers in one list. Items are shipped directly to the gift recipient from the retailer as soon as they are funded.
• Make it easy for your contributors — all they do is select the number of parts to buy, pay, and they’re done. No longer is there a need to hunt through dozens of pages of items, gift givers simply are directed to your gift list, click on the parts to buy, and make payment. It’s super easy and fast. They’ll love it.
• Gift givers can buy parts, and then own those parts forever, so they feel connected to the gifting. Plus they can leave a greeting or message with the gift parts they bought, that is permanently linked to their parts.
• Easy to share the gift registry list with family and friends using the built-in tools (email, across all major social media platforms, and text message).
• A dedicated social media feed within Giftapart keeps all the social comments together, plus friends can upload pictures and video too to the gift feed.
• Link your gift list or wish list, or both, to your event so that your gift list is easy to find to your invited guests (see Event Planning below).
• Reorganize the order of the gifts at anytime, or select “Group by retailer” to save on shipping. Often, retailers have free shipping when the total order reaches a certain amount, so “Group by retailer” will only execute the order when all the items you grouped together get funded, saving you shipping and keeping more money for your actual gifts.
• Simply click on the parts to see which parts each gift giver purchased and their comments linked to those parts. Also, every part and comment associated with a part is cross-linked so that you can quickly find the parts and linked comments, and vice-versa.
• Gift givers who don’t want to click on parts can simply select to provide a “custom contribution.” These gift givers only have to enter an amount and pay. Giftapart automatically associates an equal value of parts to their contribution.
• Gift pages can be customized with header pictures. Select from options available on Giftapart or upload your own picture.
• Gift lists can be made “private” so that you can setup a gift for a coworker, family or friend without them knowing about the gift. If it’s set as “private,” only those with the special link can see and contribute to the gift. Your gift receiver will be surprised and will love reading all the special comments from the gift contributors that are linked to all the parts.
• You can make a gift list for anyone, even for someone who is not a registered user of Giftapart.
• See all your Giftapart friends’ gift lists so you can easily contribute to them if you want.

Event planning

• Easily and quickly prepare an event page with all the details of your special Happening, including the date, time, location, description and add a custom photo or graphic image.
• Link your gift lists and wish lists to your event so that your guests can easily find what to gift to you — guests easily contribute to what you want and you get what you want!
• Invite all your guests to your event through Giftapart, by email, text message, social media, and more. Giftapart can upload all your contacts so you don’t have to enter names manually, or enter the ones you want. Guests don’t need to signup to Giftapart.
• If your guests aren’t tech-savvy, Giftapart can automatically prepare a paper invitation for you to mail to your guests.
• Auto-design and create a screenshot ready invitation that you can send to your friends through MMS text message or email.
• Your family and friends can easily RSVP by clicking “yes” “no” or “maybe” on the electronic invitation, without being redirected to an advertisement-filled page as is often found in other platforms.
• Manually control the RSVP status of any guest at anytime.
• You know in realtime who is coming to your event.
• Guests can provide a short message when they RSVP that is included in your guest list for easy and quick reviewing.
• Full social media dedicated to the event page, so you and your friends can chat, share pictures and video, and anything else — all linked to the event.
• Your friends can easily share all their pictures and video from the event by quickly uploading to the event page.
• Feature rich event guest controls: Select a custom RSVP deadline; chose whether guests can bring guests; keep track of how many other guests your invitees are bringing; allow or don’t allow guests to share the invitation; control whether event is child friendly; if child friendly, keep track of how many children are going to your event; control whether guest list is private or open to the guests to see; select to make the event open to anyone or not; and select whether you want a secret code to invite guests using a link and code for RSVP.
• Your event memories — the invitation, guest list, social media dialogue, pictures shared, and videos uploaded — are stored permanently for you to see them anytime.
• Email invitations to guests have a quick-add to calendar option so that guests can add your event to their personal calendar on Google Calendar or iCal calendar.
• Send your guests reminders whenever you want, and select which category of guests to remind (all guests, guests that are going to the event, guests that maybe are going to the event, etc.).
• Customize your event page with a header of your choice — select from a Giftapart offered image or upload your own — and select the background colors so that you control the theme of your event.
• Event location has quick-link to Google maps for guests’ easy navigation to the event.
• Edit event page at anytime. All the event information can be easily edited from one page, including date, time, location, description, event picture header, theme color, guests, and more.


• Full calendar features built into Giftapart so you can add Moments (everyday activities) and Happenings (events and parties) to your calendar.
• Sync your Giftapart calendar with your Apple iCal or Google Calendar.
• Quickly see your Giftapart friends’ birthday and events right on your own calendar.
• RSVP to your Giftapart friends’ events right from the calendar.
• For the Groups that you follow, you see the Groups’ calendar entries in your calendar. Great way to plan, organize and discuss group activities and events.
• Create Moments (everyday activities) like going for a walk, doctor appointment, or dinner with friends. Invite friends to your Moment and see who is going.
• Create Happening (events) like birthday parties, weddings, or any event where you need to create an invitation with a date, time and description, advanced guest management, and event page with full social feed and media upload.
• See all your Moments, Happenings, Gift lists, and Store promos right in your calendar. If your friends’ privacy settings allow, your friends’ birthdays, events and gift lists show up right in your calendar. And if you chose to subscribe to specific retailers’ pages and promos, you can quickly and easily see where all the best deals are for any particular day.
• Look at your calendar entries in Calendar view or List view.
• Hide calendar entries that you don’t care to see daily, and show them again anytime you want.
• Select to see only your events or your Giftapart friends’ events too; and select to see only RSVP’d events or all.
• In List view, control whether you want to see the list in chronological order or by category of events.
• Quickly see all the Moments, Happenings and promos in any given day, and get the details of the calendar entry without leaving the calendar.
• Create recurrent Moments so that things you do more than once can easily be entered into your calendar.

Social media

• Giftapart has full social media functionality and is the world’s most private social media platform because Giftapart never sells your data to third-party companies.
• Social media is inherent in almost everything Giftapart does, from products to the events.
• Get live notifications of anything that happens on your social media account, such as people RSVP’ing to your event, friends’ buying parts of your gifts, anyone making a post on your feed, when someone tags you in a picture, and so much more.
• Upload pictures and video to your profile page for easy sharing with your family and friends by sharing a link, by email, or sharing to other social media platforms.
• Upload pictures and videos either individually or into albums for easy uploading, organization, and sharing.
• Control how you see your media, whether oldest-first or newest-first.
• Use the search feature to search through the social media feed to find prior posts.
• Edit and customize your pictures with filters, stickers, crop, text and more! Fun and easy features for anyone to use.
• Share stories and moments of your life with your friends on Giftapart.
• Reach to other’s posts and media uploads through various emotion-emoji’s, comment on posts, and reply to comments.
• Tag your friends, groups, or retailers on any post, comment, reply or media upload anywhere there is a social feed.
• Search, find and make friends with others on Giftapart’s social media; view all your friends, see your pending friends, and review the friend suggestions. Accept friends, deny friends or block friends, so you control who you want to be social with on Giftapart.
• If you want, according to your privacy settings, automatically share your birthday, gift lists, and events with your friends on Giftapart.
• Create Groups to create a community of likeminded individuals to talk about issues or matters important to the group. Share media amongst the group members. Make Groups private or open for anyone to participate. Groups can create events and easily notify all group members of an event through automated calendar sharing.
• Giftapart stores your pictures in original resolution (up to 1 Gigabyte). When your friends upload a picture to your event, you can feel confident that you’ll have access to the original picture resolution for awesome photo prints.
• Easily cross-share any of your posts, pictures, events, gifts, and more, to any of the other main social media platform.
• See posts from your friends, retailers, and others alongside products on the homepage, so you can engage in social conversation with others about the products.
• Tag your friends, groups and retailers on any post.
• Control whether you see your social feed history or the general feed of others you’re following on Giftapart.
• Add a bio about yourself, including education, employment and more, and decide whether you want to make it open to anyone, only friends, or no-one.
• Add a profile picture and a custom wallpaper to your profile section to personalize it your way.
• You have full privacy settings to control who sees what from your profile page.

Private & secure

• You have full control of what others see from your profile, social feeds and events. Go to “Control” and then “Privacy Settings” to make changes anytime.
• All communications on Giftapart are secured by the highest level of 256-bit encryption and EV (Extended Validation) certification available. We use industry-leader Sectigo (formerly Comodo) SSL certificates. EV Certificates are only issued once an entity passes a strict authentication procedure.
• Elavon is Giftapart’s credit card merchant and trusted by 1 million businesses; a top 5 global payment processor, providing more than 3 billion transactions annually, with more than 1 million business clients, you can trust that your payments are safe and secure on Giftapart. Giftapart does not store your credit card information.
• Your user data and privacy is our top priority. Giftapart is the most private social media platform on the planet. We never sell your data to third-party vendors. We don’t have to because Giftapart makes money through ecommerce.
• Scamadviser helps over 2.5 million consumers every month to discover if a website is legitimate or a scam. Founded in 2012, it uses 40 independent data sources to generate a Scamadviser TrustScore. Giftpart scores 98/100. See Giftapart’s listing.
• Giftapart does not allow third-party sellers on the platform. The U.S. Government Accountability Office study (2018) found that a large number of products sold on ecommerce marketplaces from third-party sellers were counterfeit. That won't happen at Giftapart. At Giftapart, you know you're buying legitimate items from the retailers you trust.

Easiest and fastest gift giving.

Gift givers only see the top, unfunded item on your list.

They click on the parts to buy.


That's it!

You saved them the trouble of thinking about what to buy you, searching for a gift, feeling guilty about getting you a gift card to some store you probably don't like anyways, and wishing they could get you something you really need within their means.

Your friends will thank you.