Learn why these trusted brands and more have decided to increase brand presence and sales through Giftapart.

Giftapart only works with and lists products from established, credible and ethical retailers.


There are many benefits by being included in Giftapart. Retailers wanting to have its products included in Giftapart, or looking for more info, may contact us at biz@giftapart.com.

Drive sales

Giftapart drives its own users through Giftapart's unique gifting, event planning, and shopping tools. Add your products to our catalog to increase sales and referrals.

Connect with new customers

Giftapart targets its users independently from your own customer base. It's likely that a Giftapart user may never have shopped on your store before.

Build your brand

Gfitapart protects your brand identity by including your retailer name in every product you sell. Our users will see your brand throughout Giftapart, helping you build your brand.

Engage with users

Giftapart's unique social ecommerce platform allows you to directly engage and chat with users on the platform in ways never before possible. Engage in dialogue in real-time, answer questions, provide unique promotions, and be creative.


Selling on Giftapart is super easy. All we need is your product data in any of the industry-standard formats. Our tech team can even customize integration. You can create and manage your profile page, or not, it's up to you.

Control your brand

Giftapart gives you 100% control over your brand. That means you control messaging, you control what you sell, you control how you sell it, you control what Giftapart users see, and you control what's on your optional profile page.