You can always get what you want.

Radical new gifting.

Giftapart has invented the world's first gift registry where anyone can get precisely what they want and need, in the order they pick.

Need that $1,500 4K large TV? If you placed that TV on a traditional gift registry, with 20 other items, like the $20 butter knife, guess which item the gift givers are going to buy?

The knife is great and all, but you really really wanted that TV. We don't blame you.

Now you can get what you want.

We haven't even gotten to the best part.

Your friends will thank you!

Setting up a gift list or wish list is easy peazy.

Simply search for the product you want.

At the bottom of every product, select the Giftapart logo to place the item in a gift-part gift list. Or, select the star to add the product to a wishlist.

It's really that easy.

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Decorate it.

Customize the look of the gift with a gift wrap and a bow.

And every gift list gets a header image. Use one provided or upload your own.

Organize your list.

Simply drag the items in order.

If you prefer, lock items together by retailer to save on shipping.

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Gift givers always contribute in the order of your gift list!

Easiest and fastest gift giving.

Gift givers only see the top, unfunded item on your list.

They click on the parts to buy.


That's it!

You saved them the trouble of thinking about what to buy you, searching for a gift, feeling guilty about getting you a gift card to some store you probably don't like anyway, and wishing they could get you something you really need within their means.

Your friends will thank you.

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Gifting is social. So is Giftapart.

Gift givers can leave a special comment linked to the parts that they bought.

Best connective gifting experience.

Wish lists

Giftapart gives you the option to create both gift-a-part gift lists and traditional wish lists. If you place items in a wish list, others can buy items in full from your wish list and the product is then shipped directly to you.

Do both.

Do a gift list. Do a wish list.

We believe gift-part lists are the best because you always get what you need. And you actually make it easier for the gift giver: They don't need to think about what to gift to you. It's super easy and fast for gift givers. Happenings allow you to link one gift list and one wish list, so it's up to you how you prefer to create your gift registry.

Awesome wish lists.

Quickly add any item to your wish list.

Gift givers simply click on the item.


And you're getting a gift.

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Gifting to others.

Giftapart is awesome for group gifting.

You know your friend really wants that thing.

Create a Giftapart gift. Share it with friends and family.

Everyone chips in. The gift is bought.

Your friend is really happy.

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Easily link your gift list and wish list to your Happening.

With one click, you can link any of your Giftapart gift lists and wish lists to your Happening.

Giftapart is the best place to invite all your guests. And they'll be glad to know what to gift.

Others have tried Giftapart.
And loved it.
We hope you do too!

Only on Giftapart can you get the gifts you want, in the order you want. *** It’s genius and so easy to use.

Ben Crossman


Giftapart takes the stress out of group gift giving.


While buying a group gift is usually painful and frustrating, Giftapart makes the process easy for everyone involved.

Marlo Anderson