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Revolutionary gift registry

Only on Giftapart can you get the gifts you want, in the order you want. Using Giftapart's patent-pending system of crowdfunding, gift contributors simply purchase as many parts as they want. No need to fumble through pages and pages of items. And that means gift receivers always get first what they want the most. It's genious and so easy to use.

Watch these short videos to learn how to use the easy, fast & fun crowdfunding tools.

1. Select.

Everyone gets exactly what they want, no matter the cost.

2. Share.

Tell your friends. Plan an event. Share to all major social media.

3. Receive.

Gift givers quickly & easily give. And share in the social.

Be confident using Giftapart.


Retailers you know & trust

Giftapart does not allow third-party sellers on the platform. The U.S. Government Accountability Office study (2018) found that a large number of products sold on ecommerce marketplaces from third-party sellers were counterfeit. That won't happen at Giftapart. At Giftapart, you know you're buying legitimate items from the retailers you trust. 

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All communications on Giftapart are secured by the highest level
of 256-bit encryption and EV (Extended Validation) certification available. We use industry-leader Sectigo (formerly Comodo) SSL certificates. EV Certificates are only issued once an entity passes a strict authentication procedure.

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Secure payment

Elavon is Giftapart’s credit card merchant and trusted by 1 million businesses; a top 5 global payment processor, providing more than 3 billion transactions annually, with more than 1 million business clients, you can trust that your payments are safe and secure on Giftapart. Giftapart does not store your credit card information.

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Your user data and privacy is our top priority. Giftapart is the most private social media platform on the planet. We never sell your data to third-party vendors. We don’t have to because Giftapart is makes money thru ecommerce. Learn more about privacy.

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With URLVoid you can analyze a website through 30+ blacklist engines and online website reputation services to facilitate the detection of fraudulent and malicious websites. Identify websites involved in malware and phishing incidents.

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D&B verified

D&N provides commercial data, analytics and insights for businesses. D&N is the industry leader in verifying business registration and address, relied upon by the Federal gov, many state agencies and private industry.  See Giftapart’s listing.

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